Tibetan Yak

Long-hair fur forehead yak (རིང་པོ སྐྲ སྤུ དཔྲལ་བ། འབྲོང)

Tibetan Nomads in the Jyekundo Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture have recognized the "Long-Hair Fur Forehead Yak" breed of wild yak for hundreds of years - and named it for its long hair and long forehead fur. The Prairie Sky breed is most closely related to this rare wild-type yak, currently only found in the Tibetan highlands of Qinghai (Weiner et al. 2003). Interbreeding between domestic and Wild Yaks presents a threat to the remaining wild yak population in Qinghai (Schaller and Liu 1996, Harris et al. 1999, Smith and Xie 2008, Rawat and Sankar 2011).  This is the genetic base for the Super and Extreme Wooly Yaks in the North American Yak population, and deserves to be preserved as a Heritage Breed (read more here). Read more about the difference between Wild and Domestic Yak here. 

LDR Superlock.jpg


DOB: 5/30/2008 (9 yrs)

Our Bulls

Superlock is an Imperial Tibean Yak bull who has sired most of our calves this year. He has a commanding presence, a gorgeous head with a super wooly top knot and that beautiful square shape that we try to breed for. His horns are thick (over 10" circumference at the base), what we like to see in a breeding bull and his hump and overall conformation is excellent. His fiber is thick and wooly and he has excellent coverage. Top that off with a super mellow temperament and you just can't help to be awed my him when you see him. We couldn't be more pleased with his offspring.


Foundation# 2C019 | DOB: 6/6/2015 (3 yrs)


This young bull is so handsome and is our 3 year old, Rastamon. He is going to make an awesome herd bull. He is sired by Superlock and his mother is Rena, one of our very favorite cows on the ranch. Rena has produced solid conformationally sound calves with excellent coverage and fiber characteristics and the wonderful personality that she wins every visitor over with. Rastamon just turning three, is already getting to work. He's gentle with young ones and is tending his maidens like a pro. He has a gorgeous and big horn base and an awesome wooly head. He ought to make some killer calves coming from two Imperial parents! As a son of Rena, he's showing his parents' great disposition, and is proving to be a wonderful herdsire to his small herd. Our Social Media associates have said "That is One nice bull." We can't agree more and can't wait to see his calves next year. 


Brandy Berry

Foundation# S061 | DOB: 06/05/2009 (8 years)


This beautiful girl is a classic Imperial Wooly out Apple Berry of the Berry line, sired by Jette. She is one of the sweetest of our foundation herd, calls to us from the field and comes for daily scratches. Jet black and wooly with a fabulous top knot and coverage, wonderful confirmation and a history of exceptional calves and lineage behind her. She had an Imperial calf this year sired by Rolex, Brynjarberry.


Brynjarberry “Larry Berry” (out of Brandy Berry)

Imperial, DOB: June 3, 2018 (Brandy x Rolex)


Brynjarberry is just the perfect little bull calf and growing so fast, we think he promises to be quite large. His farm name is “Larryberry” and his sire is Rolex x Brandy Berry. This Rolex son is cole black and he’s just incredible and we can't wait to watch him grow up as a part of the PS herd.



Foundation# 2C110 | DOB: 4/3/2015 (3 yrs)

Kryptolyte's is a Dr Lock daughter from Kryptonite K006, who is a Junior Diamond daughter out of a gorgeous royal cow. She is just beautiful and has that silky beautiful fiber that we all love. Her first 2 years of fiber harvest was impressive. She just had her first calf, Lady “Kai”  Kryptonite and is proving to be a fantastic mom. Kryptonite in a pure black Imperial heifer and will make a great addition to our second herd. So far one of my favorite calves of 2018! 


Lady “Kai” Kryptonite (out of Kryptolyte)

Black Imperial born May 17, 2018 to our maiden, Kryptolyte x Superlock.


Lady “Kai”  Kryptonite and is a black Imperial heifer and will make a great addition to our second herd. Friendly and curious, she’s always ready for an apple or a run down the fence. She’s a little doll-baby and one of my favorite calves of 2018! 


Appleberry Twist

Foundation# | DOB: 4/30/2011 (6 yrs)

Appleberry Twist it the daughter of LDR Apple Berry and LDR Oliver Twist who is an Infinity son. She is a part of our foundation herd of cows and has a 2016 imperial trim bull calf on her side sired by Alsaka. We are thrilled about Appleberry Twist being a part of our herd! Her 2018 calf is by Superlock and Idunnberry (Idunn) is a real gem.


Idunnberry (out of Apple Berry Twist)

(pronounced Edun or Eden) (Imperial, DOB: Aug 2, 2018; June 16 2017 6 weeks late) (Appleberry Twist x Super)


Idunnberry (Idunn) is a real gem. He has the fantastic Appleberry genes: a square head, coal black coat with tons of fiber, and a wide muzzle that just won’t quit. This guy will make an awesome herdsire one day.

Zsa Zsa.jpg

Zsa Zsa

Foundation# | DOB: 7/15/2012 (5 yrs)

Zsa Zsa is a new addition to our foundation cow family. We just love her - She is sweet, loves cookies, has an awesome personality and beautiful silky fiber. In addition to being beautiful she comes from a long line of even tempered and gentle yak. We are thrilled to have this girl in our herd! Her first calf sired for us is a black trim Imperial heifer with a heart shaped star on her forehead. She’s already got quite a coat. I can't wait to watch Eva grow up. 


Eva Gabor (out of Zsa Zsa)

(Imperial Trim, DOB June 6, 2017; Zsa Zsa x Super)


Eva Gabor or “Eva”, is a black trim Imperial heifer with a heart shaped star on her forehead. She’s already got quite a coat. Such a sweetheart, I can't wait to watch her grow up. 


(Rimrock x Reflection)

Mirage is a Super-wolly and is just as charming in personality as she is in appearance. She's a 2 year old, out of Reflection and Rimrock. Nothing but adorable and her lovely temperament will fit right in here. I look forward to watching her grow and to see what she throws. She's going to be a superstar. 


Rock Me Baby

Foundation# 2C200 | DOB: 6/5/2015 (2 yrs)

Rock Me Baby is a true Super-wolly (Rimrock x Cubcadet). She is just turning 3 and is just knocking my socks off. As her previous owner said as he dropped her off "There goes the best yak I ever owned." This heifer's mom is killer, but has never been for sale so we can't wait to see how this lady grows up. She just gets more beautiful every day. She is quite gentle and friendly. So happy to have her join our ranch as the twelfth member of our foundation female line up. She is bred so I can't wait to see what she throws and what kind of mom she will prove to be!

Rockin Diva.jpg

Little Diva

This 2 year old is very friendly and a good friend to Luna. She's turning out nicely. We'll watch her grow and keep you updated on her progress. 



Foundation# R039 | DOB: 4/16/2008 (9 yrs)


Bhorn means "bear" and she's another herd favorite. She is an Imperial cow sired by Dr.Lock and a member of our foundation herd of females that we never tire of looking at. Phenotypically she is just beautiful with a square head with terrific coverage, excellent conformation and solid bone and is an incredible mother. She had a beautiful Imperial heifer calf this year named Bjørn Wahlroos.


Bjørn Wahlroos (out of Bhorn

Superwooly Imperial DOB May 31, 2018 (May Day) to Benthorn x Superlock.

Bhorn Bjorne.jpg

Bjørn Wahlroos is the spitting image of her mother and even at a young age is looking very promising. Black and wooly with extreme coverage, great bone and she definitely has the cute factor locked up for personality and style. She is one of the friendliest calves, and loves people and purple clover.


Foundation# S010 | DOB: 8/1/2009 (8 yrs)

Rena is an Imperial Tibetan Yak cow, sired by Chewbacca with more personality than you could ever imagine. Her original name was "Ballerina" as a young heifer calf, because she was always kicking up her heels in joy and jumping and pirouetting all over the pasture. Things have not changed. She is a cookie lover and is very tame and friendly. She is absolutely hilarious and always puts a smile on our faces. Some days when she sees us coming she runs all the way across a large pasture ending up breathless with her tongue hanging out by the time she meets us at the fence. She is a joy. AND she is just gorgeous. Phenotypically she has all the traits we look for in a breeding cow-beautiful formed head and horn with a square muzzle and great symmetry and size of horn and superb coverage and conformation. Her 2018 calf is a beautiful Native named Reigel! 


Rigel Algebar (out of Rena)

(Native, DOB: April 29, 2018; June 27, 2017 - 4 weeks early; Rena x Super)

IMG_4566 copy.jpg

Reigel Algebar is named after the one of the brightest stars in the night sky and the first star in that binary system. This little guy is a star. He has the personality of his mom (Rena), and all of her super-wooly style we love. His topknot is ridiculous and he’s got a great conformation. More and more handsome everyday - he promises to be a very solid bull like this brother Rastamon.



Foundation# Y026 | DOB: 4/14/2011 (6 yrs)

Eleven is an Imperial Trim cow, sired by Dr.Lock that has that nice square short head that we always try to breed for along with all the other positive characteristics we look for in a foundation female. She had her first calf last spring, GLY Everest. This year she had Elijah or “Eli”


Elijah “Eli” (out of Eleven)

(Imperial Trim, DOB: April 17, 2018; April 28, 2017 - 10 days early; Eleven x Super)


Even at only a few months old Elijah (or “Eli”) is  looking so impressive we're considering making him our mascot, and we can't wait to bring him in Denver. Already his top knot is wooly and thick and his coverage is outstanding. A very gentle and steady bull calf. Keep an eye out for this guy!



Foundation# T061 | DOB: 4/12/2010 (7 yrs)

Sitka is an Alaska daughter and a jet black silky Imperial . You can't help but notice her in the herd as a standout as she has great presence and style. She is an awesome mother and raises a great calf. Her 2014 calf is an Imperial just like her, named Saltora, who won the fiber contest as only a 7 month old in Denver out of 74 entries. Her next calf Yakutat was a gorgeous bull calf who is a full brother to her 2016 calf, GLR Anchorage, yet another imperial calf. Three for three, all with incredible fiber and excellent conformation. This year she had a beautiful native bull calf named Samson which has tons of style and personality. 


Samson (out of Sitka)

(Native, DOB: April 25, 2018; May 5, 2017 - 10 days early; Sitka x Super)

 Rigel Agebar and Sampson

Rigel Agebar and Sampson

BabyNative 0.JPG

Luna Freja

This is our youngest addition to our foundation herd. Luna Freja (like a lady) is a silly little heifer. Still more baby than lady, she runs and plays with this years calves. She's a joy, has a lovely coat and a great lineage. We'll watch her grow up with Herd Two