SONgs of myself

Using Lists to consider personal goals, experiences, preferences and memories, leads to self-growth, insight, and improved quality of life.


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"The mundane list is a forceful tool to help you complete tasks. Often taught by time-managers, the power of the list is undeniable. Lists have an almost alchemic capacity to turn disorder into accomplishment. Somehow by the simple act of writing down the task that needs to be done, we find it is half completed - and often the other half seems to effortlessly finish itself. Perhaps it has something to do with the way these tasks insinuate their way into our day, if they are on the list. If they are not written down they are simply forgotten and buried under distractions and laundry. Perhaps the hardest part is committing to do something. Several mystics claim that intention is the seed of creation that shapes reality. Perhaps it is the power of Intention. What ever it is, the mundane list is a sturdy and effective tool in daily life. Why not use this art to explore your life and harness the same force for personal creativity and passion - as a way of working toward a new reality."

Songs of Myself:    Tangible (Paperback)
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Songs of Myself: Tangible (Paperback)
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