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Health and Wellness Journalist

In Combat Mental and Physical Exhaustion: Refocus Your Thoughts Nicole Porter, PhD explains "Mindfulness research shows that meditation works, not just to improve your perceived quality of life, but it also improves your underlying physiological health and psychological wellbeing. We do it because it works, and the mechanisms underlying its healing effects are now validated by scientific evidence...”



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Managing Editor and Co-founder of Scope Blog at Stanford.



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Founder of #MEAaction, filmmaker and author of ‘Unrest’, a winner at Sundance and Tribeca. Since its premier in September 2017, this documentary was purchased by PBS and aired this winter.


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Founder of ProHealth the biggest website resource center online for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Fibromyalgia


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In this GQ article, Nicole Porter, PhD says "What is the best way to deal with fatigue?.. Nicole Porter, PhD, a sleep and fatigue specialist says to fight stress ... meditate."



Sophie J. Evans

Editor Nova Science Publishers


In Public Policy Research Trends Nicole Porter, PhD argues: This dynamic systems perspective is an alternative and antidote to the entitlement and stark individualism that are so prevalent in modern society. Dr. Porter calls into question the goal of respecting all values and behaviors in a given society. Arguing against moral relativism she proposes the necessity for foundational values and acknowledgement of our interconnectedness. In the Christianity, menō (Greek) and the Mahayana Buddhist tradition, pratityasamutpada (Sanskrit) is used to refer to the general principle of community values, interdependent causation, and/or dependent origination. Utilizing examples from: Social Darwinism, genetics, fetal development, brain plasticity, and the education system, to the international human rights movement, Dr. Porter presents a functional alternative to the dichotomy between selfishness and and loss of self.


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Editor, Recipient, Queen's Diamond Jubilee Medal in 2013 


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Nicole Porter, PhD discusses "Natural healing remedies and Meditation" in this Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/ ME/ SEID subreddit


Jessica Sager

Journalist at College Covered

In How To Get Into A University, Nicole Porter, PhD says "The answer is: research research research! If you have to volunteer and work for free - do it. Get into a college research lab even if its by offering to sweep the floor. You’ve probably heard "publish or perish.”  University professor's have to do research and publish. Admissions committees are made up of professors. They’ll like you better if they think you can help them with their research."


Marygrace Taylor

Health and Wellness Journalist

In How to Clear Mental ClutterNicole Porter, PhD says, "Take a Break from Screens...Any amount of time spent reorienting yourself from the screen worldview will help you re-ground yourself in the Real. Even a 5 minute break in the real-world can be an opportunity to Stop, Breathe, and Focus. Take a moment to just be present, have a sensory experience. Look around, feel the air, listen or watch the clouds move or the birds fly. It’s time well spent.” 



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Nicole Porter PhD, Previous Editor of the Policy Column in The Community Psychologist and Chair of the Public Policy Committee.