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Brandy Berry

This beautiful girl is a classic Imperial Wooly out Apple Berry of the Berry line, sired by Jette. She is one of the sweetest of our foundation herd, calls to us from the field and comes for daily scratches. Jet black and wooly with a fabulous top knot and coverage, wonderful confirmation and a history of exceptional calves and lineage behind her. She had an Imperial calf this year sired by Rolex, Brynjarberry.

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Bhorn means "bear" and she's another herd favorite. She is an Imperial cow sired by Dr.Lock and a member of our foundation herd of females that we never tire of looking at. Phenotypically she is just beautiful with a square head with terrific coverage, excellent conformation and solid bone and is an incredible mother. She had a beautiful Imperial heifer calf this year named Bjørn Wahlroos.

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LDR Eleven IYAK Foundation# Y026 | DOB: 4/14/2011 (6 yrs) LDR Abbleberry Twist Yak, Cow (female) | Imperial Trim

Eleven is an Imperial Trim cow, sired by Dr.Lock that has that nice square short head that we always try to breed for along with all the other positive characteristics we look for in a foundation female. She had her first calf last spring, GLY Everest. This year she had Elijah or “Eli”

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Appleberry Twist

LDR Appleberry Twist IYAK Foundation# | DOB: 4/30/2011 (6 yrs)

Appleberry Twist it the daughter of LDR Apple Berry and LDR Oliver Twist who is an Infinity son. She is a part of our foundation herd of cows and has a 2016 imperial trim bull calf on her side sired by Alsaka. We are thrilled about Appleberry Twist being a part of our herd! Her 2018 calf is by Superlock and Idunnberry (Idunn) is a real gem.

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