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Ligers and Zebroids and Yow, Oh My!

Ligers are the Franken-feline achieved by crossing a lion and a tiger. Ligers are always sterile. Zebroids, Zebras crossed with other species, are also almost always infertile, and often suffer health consequences of dwarfism. While the dwarf zebroids can still run, ligers suffer from acromegaly, or "giantism" and grow too big. 

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Coo coo ca choo. The Barred Owl.

Barred owls, Strix varia, are a treat to see because they spend most of their lives hidden from view in deep shadowy forests. Although we seldom see them, we hear them often. Barreds are fairly vocal with a repertoire of barks, and hoots that penetrate the darkness. Their most familiar call is a low, mournful rhythmic eight-hoot often transcribed as "Who cooks for you?

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