Who is Judy Istock: Coffee, Cameras and Chrysalides?

Judy Istock Butterfly Haven

The Judy Istock Butterfly Haven is the Museum's internationally renowned signature 2,700 square foot greenhouse. 

One walk through the Judy Istock Butterfly Haven is all you need to escape the hustle and bustle of the Chicago city. Experience over 40 species of exotic high-flying butterflies and several stunning bird species from the Southern hemisphere in our 2,700 square-foot greenhouse. Complete with serene pools of water, flowers, tropical trees and 1,000 butterflies, it always feels like summer in the Butterfly Haven


8:00 am-10:00 am April 1, Saturday


Bring your camera and gain exclusive access to the Judy Istock Butterfly Haven before the Nature Museum opens for the day. Enjoy complimentary coffee and take as many photos of birds, butterflies and moths as you’d like while avoiding the crowds.

Cost: $10/member, $15 non-member


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