SCIENCE NEWS: IYAK Genetically Outperforming Tibetan Yak

IYAK genetics: Remarkable, exceptional and wild!

Our registered animals are out-performing the Tibetan domestic and wild-types on several genetic and phenotypic fronts. Its a very special population in the world. IYAK is a truly unique and valuable herd. UINC estimates indicate Tibetan wild yak are "Vulnerable" and dropping 2% per year (2014), and new counts suggest wild yak may already be endangered. IYAK may soon be the last strong hold of the original, ancient and pure genetics (if we continue to protect it)!  

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Nicole Porter
Yak Butter Tea (བོད་ཇ): Steeped in Tibetan Culture

This a family recipe handed down to me from our native Tibetan friend, Ping, through Ping’s grandmother, to her mother currently living in China-Tibet today. She is with her mother tonight and sent this recipe. It reflects the history of this region. Ba Tang (Chinese: 壩塘鎮) is a rural town on the northeast corridor of the Tibetan Plateau. The Wu River (乌江), known as "Mother River" flows through Ba Tang and comes from an elevation of 8,900 feet. It’s quite chilly there, at 50 degrees, in the morning and evenings — even in the summer — and for Westerners, the altitude is challenging.

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LDR Super Lock Yak, Bull (male) | Imperial Black DOB: 5/30/2008 (10 yrs)

Superlock is an Imperial Tibean Yak bull who has sired most of our calves. He has a commanding presence, a gorgeous head with a super wooly top knot and that beautiful square shape that we try to breed for. His horns are thick (10 inches diameter at the base) and what we like to see in a breeding bull. His hump and overall conformation is excellent.

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GLR Rastamon Yak, Bull (male) | Imperial IYAK - Foundation# 2C019 | DOB: 6/6/2015 (3 yrs)

GLR Rastamon is going to make someone an awesome herd bull. He is sired by Superlock and his mother is Rena, one of our very favorite cows on the ranch. Rena has produced solid conformationally sound calves with excellent coverage and fiber characteristics and the wonderful personality that she wins every visitor over with. Rastamon will be two on June 6th and ready to be put to work soon. He has a gorgeous and big horn base and an awesome wooly head. He ought to make some killer calves coming from two Imperial parents!

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Nicole Porterbulls, rena, bull, rastamon